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For over a year, I’ve hosted the KOJC feed over at I know there are several people who listen regularly as I have seen the feed appear several times in the Top 50 stream list. I would like to get your feedback on some proposed changes based on my monitoring of the feed over the past month.

In a nutshell here is what I’m proposing: 1, removing the High Altitude ARTCC frequencies and 2, adding some of the area Low Altitude ARTCC frequencies.

I’m trying to reduce the number of transmissions for commercial aircraft transitioning the area. My thinking is this, I can’t pickup the center portion of the transmissions anyway, so transmissions like this would likely disappear: “Kansas City Center, Good Afternoon, United 123, Checking in level 3-3-0, smooth ride.”

It is still likely you won’t hear much from the center portion of the transmissions, however, Low Altitude aircraft should stop the scanner much less than all the big jets flying within 200 miles of my house.

Please let me know your thoughts on the proposed changes by emailing me or commenting below. The green shaded boxes are frequency additions, red are the removals, white is no change.


Update 05-26-2009: Hearing no major objections, I’ve made the change. Please let me know any comments/questions! Frequencies in green were added, frequencies in red were removed.

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