Flying Milestones

It has been fun going through my log book to put this list together! What an amazing time this has been and I would not ever want to give up these experiences! I’ve met some amazing people and had a blast doing it!

05-25-2000 — Started Private Ground School at ATU in Grandview, MO
05-29-2000 — First Flight Lesson; Cessna 150 at OJC with G. Blackie
06-08-2000 — Passed 3rd Class Medical & received student pilot certificate
07-10-2000 — First Solo; Cessna 150 at K34
07-17-2000 — First tailwheel flight; Citabria at K34 with M. Shetterly
08-05-2000 — Private Pilot Checkride; Cessna 150 at K34 with C. Grotewohl (47.7 hours)
08-09-2000 — First XC with passenger; Lake of the Ozarks (K15) in Cessna 150.
08-24-2000 — Checkout in Cessna 172 at AMW — “More Power!”
06-23-2001 — Begin Instrument training at Aerostadt (now out of business) at IXD
10-28-2001 — Flight with friend to Meigs Field in Chicago (140.0 hours)
05-03-2002 — Instrument Checkride; 172SP at AMW with H. Westbrook (154.3 hours)
06-10-2002 — Checkout in Piper Archer; First flight in Piper model aircraft
02-28-2003 — Checkout in Piper Arrow; First retractable gear flight
08-24-2003 — First helicopter flight; Robinson R22 at OJC with J. Sherwood
11-28-2003 — First flight with my dog, Simone (Siberian Husky); Thanksgiving in Iowa
03-21-2004 — XC Flight to meet friends in Grand Island, NE. Ate lunch and flew his 172SP.
07-23-2004 — First BFR — Has it been two years already!?!
03-26-2005 — Met friend at FOD and flew night approaches right seat in his 172SP.
05-13-2006 — XC to Independence (IDP) to tour Cessna plant. C182 Turbo with G1000.
06-07-2006 — Checkout in new Piper Arrow; intro to Commercial Pilot maneuvers
07-09-2006 — First flight with my infant son. He loved it — then he slept.
09-01-2006 — BFR Ground/Flight; Very thorough check at OJC by D. Wiggin
07-14-2007 — Final G1000 checkout in 172SP.
09-07-2007 — First composite flight; 2007 Diamond DA40XL at OJC with B. Harms
09-11-2007 — Completed DA40XL IFR checkout at OJC with B. Harms

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  1. I had no idea you ever had any interest in flying, I got my 107 last year through King Schools and started the Sport Pilot course last month, glad to see your doing well, and Piper’s are excellent birds, my dad had a hangar full at one time, 2 140s, a Pacer and a tri pacer

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