AOPA obtains radar video of F-16’s close call with GA aircraft

The July 11 edition of AOPA ePilot had an article indicating that AOPA was able to obtain the radar data and voice communications of a March 21st incident involving an F-16 pilot flying in close formation with the pilots of a Pilatus PC-12 and a Beechcraft Premier jet.

The GA aircraft were flying through an active military operations area (MOA); however, center controllers had no method to communicate with military controllers in real time.

Besides the fact that this F-16 pilot did something completely dangerous, there is a major opportunity for improvement in ATC communications here. Is anyone else surprised that the ARTCC was not able to talk directly to controllers for these military aircraft?!? I fully support AOPA’s recommendation for the FAA to develop a method for center controllers to communicate with military controllers in real time.

Take a look at the video as the radar echos show on up on top of each other. The radio traffic playing while the radar echos paint will send chills down your back!

Be safe out there folks!

Author: Michael

I am a Private, Instrument Rated, pilot living in the Kansas City Metro area. I work as a Network Engineer supporting data and voice infrastructure components here in Kansas City. In my spare time I fly.

One thought on “AOPA obtains radar video of F-16’s close call with GA aircraft”

  1. Hey I saw a video of this or a similar encounter as seen from the F-16
    pilots point of view. I don\’t have the link handy but just do a search
    on ”cessna” in ”YouTube” and you should’t have any trouble
    finding it. You hear the occupants of the F-16 talking to their ATC and
    you are looking at an infro red display and clearly see the cessna. You
    won’t believe the verbal response from the f-16 pilots.

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