Update to Logbook Pro application on horizon

Logbook ProThis weekend I was taking a look at the latest Logbook Pro Newsletter from NC Software, Inc. and it looks like the gang has a major overhaul in the works for its popular electronic logbook software — just not for another year. The newsletter states that the public beta is not targeted for release until late 2008.

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At first I was a little disappointed in the release date estimates, but in taking one look at the features being planned, you can see why it has been a while since a major update.

“Logbook Pro vNext [the official version number is not yet known] will support the single user from student through airline pilot as well as the new multi-user enterprise features including group and user management, role based security and other enterprise features.”

The next version of Logbook Pro will also offer a new user-interface as well as several Web 2.0 enhancements allowing for updates from a multitude of systems all with a similar interface. Personally, I’m hoping for a BlackBerry application, but I’d settle for a BlackBerry bookmark application to a mobile enhanced web interface. Need a mobile beta tester guys?

Some of you may remember I did knock the Logbook Pro application about a year and a half ago in this post, where I noted my installation problems under Vista. I do understand that they are a small development shop, however, if they manage to pull off everything they are claiming in this next release, we are going to have one heck of a logbook application on our hands! I can’t wait to see the finished product — just don’t take too long.

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  1. I logged all of my hours on my own Webserver. MySQL database with simple PHP front-end. Works on any web browser (including blackberry). It’s not fancy or pretty, but it’s free, fast, and it works. Always nice to have a PC doing my math and to know that my hours are safe.

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