Synthetic Vision for Garmin G1000

I am a little bit late to post on this, but according to the April 8th AOPA ePilot, Garmin has announced Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT) for their G1000 platform. SVT will allow for a 3D view of of terrain as you would see it on a VFR day. The best part? It is just a software upgrade, no additional hardware is required — a rare find in the world of avionics.

AOPA has posted a First Look video clip here. Of local Kansas City Interest, note the sample approach in the video is an approach into Lawrence, Kansas (KLWC).

Enjoy the show…try to keep the drool off the keyboard.

2 thoughts on “Synthetic Vision for Garmin G1000

  1. As I understand it, it is just a software upgrade, but I believe an avionics tech has to do the update. Each G1000 software release is closely controlled by the aircraft manufacture so there is a chance it might not yet be available for your aircraft.

    I would suggest you call up your aviation service department and see if they can tell you a price. Let us know what you find out!

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