Scheduling backups on standalone Cisco Prime License Manager (PLM)

About a year ago, we did an upgrade on our standalone Cisco Prime License Manager (PLM). After the upgrade, the option to schedule backups via the GUI was no longer there. Initially, I was told by a Cisco TAC Engineer that scheduled backups were not possible. Turns out if you dig into the CLI guide, it is possible but took me a little bit of trial and error to get the syntax correct. Here is what I used…

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Installing 3rd Party Certificate on Cisco Prime License Manager

As part of the 10.X Cisco Collaboration Systems Release, Enterprise License Manager (ELM) has been changed to Prime License Manager (PLM) and the system operates a little bit differently than ELM did. There are a few differences including how you install 3rd party signed certificates on the box. I will discuss some operating differences and how to handle getting 3rd party certificates on the PLM. Continue reading