Scheduling backups on standalone Cisco Prime License Manager (PLM)

About a year ago, we did an upgrade on our standalone Cisco Prime License Manager (PLM). After the upgrade, the option to schedule backups via the GUI was no longer there. Initially, I was told by a Cisco TAC Engineer that scheduled backups were not possible. Turns out if you dig into the CLI guide, it is possible but took me a little bit of trial and error to get the syntax correct. Here is what I used…


  • Sometimes you will still see Prime License Manager (PLM) referenced as Enterprise License Manager (ELM) which was the old name prior to Collaboration Systems Release 10.X.
  • The following examples use my own naming convention, but you’re welcome to use your own.

Step 1 – Create a network based backup device

utils disaster_recovery device add network devicename path server_name/ip_address username [Number_of_backups]


utils disaster_recovery device add network SFTP /var/log/CUCMsftp/CPLM plmbackupuser 5

The system will prompt you to enter the password after the command is entered.

Step 2 – Create a backup schedule

utils disaster_recovery schedule add schedulename devicename featurelist datetime frequency


utils disaster_recovery schedule add Daily SFTP CISCOPRIMELM 2018/02/28-00:45 DAILY

In this example, the backups will run daily at 00:45 or 12:45 AM.

Note: Make sure your date is in the future. Before 11.X PLM/ELM used the feature name of “ELM”. If you upgrade to 11.X, you will need to setup your backup schedule to use the “CISCOPRIMELM” feature name.

Step 3 – Enable the backup schedule

utils disaster_recovery schedule { enable | disable } [schedulename]


utils disaster_recovery schedule enable Daily

Verify your backups are working

After your scheduled time has passed, you can verify the backups are running as intended.

utils disaster_recovery history Backup

Running a manual backup

utils disaster_recovery backup network [featurelist] [path] [servername] [username]


utils disaster_recovery backup network CISCOPRIMELM SFTP

This will run a manual backup using your network based backup device. SFTP, in the example, is the backup device name I created in step 1.

Hopefully this was helpful! Good luck!

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