Tivo Series 3 Price Drop?

Last week I was listening to episode 485 of Buzz Out Loud (BOL) and heard them discussing the recent Tivo earnings report and that Tivo was hinting at a possible price drop of the Series 3 (HD capable DVR that retails for about $800). After hearing that, I decided to check the Costco Web site and noticed that they added a new $200 rebate bringing the Costco price down to $399. This is an awesome deal for a HD capable Tivo! They are requiring a 1 year service contract, but I think I will be ditching my Comcast DVR very soon!

After discovering the price drop at Costco, I fired off an email to the BOL crew, and it turns out they picked it up on today’s episode (see show notes for episode 487). Molly, Tom and Veronica put on a great tech news podcast and I would encourage you to check it out. I listen to it everyday on my drive to work.

If you are interested in the audio of them discussing my email, my 30 seconds of “fame” starts at 24:17 into Episode 487. Or you can download the clip here. BOL Clip of Episode 487 🙂

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