Upgrading My Amateur Radio License to Amateur Extra Class

I’ve been into Amateur Radio (aka: Ham Radio), for most of my life. I took my first exam (Novice) at age 12, but failed the first time I tried. Back then, you needed 1 minute of perfect Morse Code copy, and I just didn’t have it. I finally passed my Technician exam at age 13 and later went on to pass my Tech Plus and General. I recently renewed my license for the third time last fall. Licenses are good for 10 years each time you renew it, so I’ve been licensed for over 30 years. Last fall I decided to buy an HF Radio again. I got a basic wire antenna setup in my attic and I was back in business. With being in a very favorable part of the Solar Cycle, I have been having an absolute blast.

After a few months of reconnecting with HF, I decided for one of my 2024 goals, I would attempt to get my Amateur Extra Class license. I have not studied for a Amateur Radio license exam for over 20 years. It is a little bit different now than it was when I got into the hobby. When I started, there were 6 Levels of licenses: Novice, Technician (Sometimes called “No Code Tech”), Technician Plus, General, Advanced, and Extra. Now there are three: Technician, General, and Amateur Extra.

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