Unable to install Cisco UCCE 9 Maintenance Release

Background: Over the past 6-9 months we have been planning for our Technology Refresh migration from Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise version 8.5 to version 9.0. This is both an upgrade and a hardware refresh to virtualized servers. The upgrade is being done to maintain software currency (in the Cisco Collaboration application space you should always know when your next upgrade is planned) as well as allow us to upgrade our CUCM cluster to version 9.X. We also want to eliminate our legacy Cisco MCS servers and migrate everything to virtual servers.

We have spent extensive time reviewing the upgrade and staging procedures for UCCE and developing our implementation plan. Yesterday we had our first attempt at testing our procedures in our lab before our production upgrade in a few weeks. As expected and we hit a few bumps. All of the unexpected issues we hit were not covered in the documentation. Since we are a self-supporting UCCE customer (not very common) we do not have access to “partner only” UCCE documentation. I figured I would do a few blog posts on some of the snags we hit in an effort to maybe help out someone else going through a similar upgrade. The Cisco UCCE upgrade long and it is not my intent to document the whole process here.

When installing the initial 9.0(1) software you have the option to also apply a Maintenance Release (MR). As of this writing, the latest MR for 9.0 is 9.0(4). Following the initial reboot after 9.0(1) is installed, the 9.0(4) process will automatically kick off. This is where we hit our first snag, the error message:

A product executable file is currently running. Make sure that all product tools are stopped before running the installer. Aborting.


In looking at the installation log files you will see messages like this:

2014-01-14 09:43:14	[Error]	The following product executable files are currently locked.
2014-01-14 09:43:14	[Error]	Locked file: C:\icm\bin\CampaignMgrPerf.dll
2014-01-14 09:43:14	[Error]	Locked file: C:\icm\bin\CTISvrPerf.dll
2014-01-14 09:43:14	[Error]	Locked file: C:\icm\bin\DialerPerf.dll
2014-01-14 09:43:14	[Error]	Locked file: C:\icm\bin\eapimperf.dll
2014-01-14 09:43:14	[Error]	Locked file: C:\icm\bin\ImportPerf.dll
2014-01-14 09:43:14	[Error]	Locked file: C:\icm\bin\lgrperf.dll
2014-01-14 09:43:14	[Error]	Locked file: C:\icm\bin\mdsclientperf.dll
2014-01-14 09:43:14	[Error]	Locked file: C:\icm\bin\mdsprocclientperf.dll
2014-01-14 09:43:14	[Error]	Locked file: C:\icm\bin\mdsprocperf.dll
2014-01-14 09:43:14	[Error]	Locked file: C:\icm\bin\opcperf.dll
2014-01-14 09:43:14	[Error]	Locked file: C:\icm\bin\qosperf.dll
2014-01-14 09:43:14	[Error]	Locked file: C:\icm\bin\rplperf.dll
2014-01-14 09:43:14	[Error]	Locked file: C:\icm\bin\rtperf.dll
2014-01-14 09:43:14	[Error]	Locked file: C:\icm\bin\rtrperf.dll
2014-01-14 09:43:14	[Error]	Locked file: C:\icm\bin\vrupimperf.dll

A quick Google search turned up only a post indicating this was likely caused by some 3rd party SNMP service running on the server. We could not easily identify what that might be so I pulled out Process Explorer. If you have worked with Microsoft products for any amount of time, chances are that you have used or at least heard of this tool. Process Explorer allows you to identify which program has a particular file or directory open. A search on one of the locked DLLs returned two processes. I have documented the associated service names below:

  1. “Performance Counter DLL Host”
  2. “Windows Management Instrumentation”

After manually stopping these two services, and re-running the Cisco UCCE 9.0(4) executable, the installer ran just fine. You might find that you have something else locking the DLLs when you search. If that is the case, also stop those identified services as well and give it another try.

Good luck!

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  1. Thanks a lot! Solved same issue on my side as well.

    A lot of people can answer a question when asked, Appreciate you sharing proactively like this without being asked.


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