Radio traffic from IPC flight

Today I did the second of two flights with a new instructor (to me) to complete an Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC). I did not bring a cockpit audio recorder with me so I had to go “harvest” what made it from the audio archive. I pretty much got most of the departure audio from KOJC and the audio on the last leg returning to KOJC. There are radio calls that are missing just due to the nature of how scanners work and the number of frequencies scanned on the KOJC feeder.

This instrument practice flight was 1.5 hours. We did four approaches including a hold over the TOP VOR. The route of this flight was KOJC -> KTOP (LOC BC 31) -> KLWC (VOR-A) -> KIXD (GPS 19) -> KOJC (LOC 18). Overall I was happy with my radio calls. I was a bit detracted setting up the approach on the G1000 when I made my call to KOJC for the LOC 18 approach, you will hear it in there towards the middle.

This audio was edited to trim out the long delays and non-essential transmissions, but the content of the transmissions was left unaltered.

Next time, I’ll bring my digital audio recorder.

(Flash Plug-in Required)

You can also download the audio here [MP3]

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