First Blog Post

I have been struggling with finding the time to get a personal web site up and online for a few months. (HTML, FTP, Copy here, Move there, content management, broken links, blah, blah). With a hosting provider already holding a domain name for a possible future business all I would have to do it get things online — it was always something I put off until “tomorrow.”

While surfing late one night unable to sleep, I came across several great aviation related blogs. As a pilot I have to admit I got sucked in. Now I have been known to troll discussion groups online as well as make an occasional post, but blogs were different. People could post their thoughts wherever and I could easily search though them. After a few hours I was hooked — and now sleepy.

Home on parental leave for a month with our new baby, I had some time between naps to do some research and here I am — far from a fully working web site, but it’s a start. If you find anything of interest, let me know! More to come stay tuned…

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